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     Amalia Jaimes-Bey, A Moor — descendant of the Ancient Moabites, Hamites and  Canaanites — was born in the Territory A.K.A Amexem, Northwest Africa (America), in the year 1953 A.D., 1373 M.C. In the Year of 2011 A.D., 1431 M.C., she woke up of long sleep and proclaimed the Moorish American Nationality.


    Amalia Jaimes-Bey she was inspired to learn more about the scattered bits and pieces of knowledge, heritage and culture of his Ancient Moorish peoples.

     In the year of 2017 A.D. 1437 M.C. she was name a Public Minister of Moorish American Republic located in the land know as America (Amexem, Al Moroc, North West Amexem), to teach and proclaim where necessary the teachings and true origins of the descending human beings of the ancient Canaanite Hamatitas mohabites, who were the main inhabitants of the north, center, south america and adjacent islands.

Amalia Jaimes-Bey

Moorish America Republic

Public Minister

Moorish Consulate Post 01
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