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Some Duties Are:


1. Maintain the Laws of the Living Father and the Law of Nations.

2. Perpetuate the Will of the Tester (Prophet Noble Drew Ali) & Live Trust, inviolable.

3. Establish and maintain the "mission" and "post mission" by and on behalf of the "Head of Mission" in capacity of representation.

4. Provide for the maintenance and good order of citizens, nationals, families, staff and other public officials that belong to: with absolute respect for the greater integrity of the Will of Life and Trust of Tester, in absentia.

5. Monitor compliance with international treaties, laws and rights of Aboriginal Moorish-American nationals.

6.Proclaim to all corporate government's our presence into these land of our God Allah and acknowledgement of our inviolable divine rights.


The "Domicile" is established under chapter 47, verses one through seven, Circle Seven Koran, and its legal patrimony with absolute loyalty and fidelity, excluding all others.

Neutral in itinere, ab initio.

These duties are Nunc pro tunc From August 1, nineteen hundred and twenty-eight.

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