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Noble Drew Ali

Noble Drew Ali

Founder (Holy Prophet)

Moorish Science Temple of America
Moorish America Republic

Noble Drew Ali, A Moor — descendant of the Ancient Moabites — was born in the North Carolina Territory, Northwest Africa (America), in the year 1886 A.D., 1306 M.C. He was born of the Cherokee tribe of the Moorish Nation, and was named Timothy Drew.


     At a very young age, Timothy Drew was inspired to learn more about the scattered bits and pieces of knowledge, heritage and culture of his Ancient Moorish peoples. He began to travel this old land (Amexem). He lived with and mingled with various tribes of our Indigenous Moors and was resolved to better their conditions.

     Noble Drew Ali’s inspired activity and determination were the impetus for the, yet to be manifested, Moorish movement. This Movement was destined to progressively activate and change the whole frame of mind, status and political condition for the defeated Moorish Nation in Northwest Africa (Al Moroc / America).

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