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Rodolfo Rodriguez Bey

Rodolfo Rodriguez-Bey

Minister of State

Moorish America Republic
Moorish Consulate Post 01

    Rodolfo Rodriguez-Bey, A Moor — descendant of the Ancient Moabites, Hamites and  Canaanites — was born in the Territory A.K.A Amexem, Northwest Africa (America), in the year 1951 A.D., 1371 M.C. In the Year of 2010 A.D., 1430 M.C., he woke up of long sleep and proclaimed the Moorish American Nationality.


   Rodolfo Rodriguez-Bey he was inspired to learn more about the scattered bits and pieces of knowledge, heritage and culture of his Ancient Moorish peoples.

     In the year of 2017 A.D. 1437 M.C. he was name a Minister of State of Moorish Consulate Post 01 located in the land know as Mexico (America), to protect the all interest and rights into the all corporate government's, Has the obligation to ensure the safety and welfare of the Moorish American nation.

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